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Christian W. Klay Wine

Blanc De Lafayette


 A floral light bodied dry white wine. This wine leaves a pleasant hint of grapefruit; similar to SAUVIGNON BLANC. 

Fort Necessity


This diamond-brilliant, buttery, dry CHARDONNAY is ideal to serve with dishes of fish, chicken, apples and all cheese.

Washington Tavern White


Semi-dry German style; pairs well with chicken, fish, cheese, and fruit. 

Nemacolin Castle


The wine which bears this name is semi-dry, brilliant in clarity with a hint of violets in it’s aroma. Similar to a semi-dry Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

White Swan Tavern


A semi-sweet wine with, delicate yet rich with complex fruit undertones of the summer’s bounty. Pair with semi-soft cheeses and fruit. 

Fayette Springs White

A semi-sweet white wine with a hint of tropical fruits. 

Chestnut Ridge Sunset


This delicate, semi-sweet crimson blush with a hint of cherry aroma, complements a wide variety of fares; WHITE ZINFANDEL style. 

Stone House Red


A semi-sweet rose’ with rich fruity aroma and taste; perfect for Spanish and Asian cuisine, cheese platters, or just for a relaxing moment; similar to LAMBRUSCO. 

Washington Tavern Red


This fruity, medium bodied and semi-dry red goes especially well with pasta dishes, veal, venison, and dry Italian cheeses; similar to BEAUJOLIAS. 

Jumonville Glen Red


This medium bodied dry red, soft and round in texture, with a black cherry aroma, goes well with beef, game, and lamb. Dry CABERNET FRANC.



A nice, lightly oaked, soft, dry red wine made from Norton grapes.

Raspberry Frost


A dessert style, semi-sweet blush wine with a full raspberry flavor that complements Asian cuisine, mild cheese; delicious chilled or over cracked ice. Great with Chocolate. Try it sprinkled over watermelon! 

Butterscotch Chardonnay

A semi sweet

A Semi-sweet white wine, with hints of sweet butterscotch!

Summit Mist


A bubbly burst of grape with a hint of black cherries, this sparkling sweet wine refreshes the palate. Add to vanilla ice cream for a great float! Chill well! 

Lavender Mist

A sparkling semi-sweet white wine that is infused with culinary lavender. Chill well! 



Semi-sweet, fruity blush. *OUT OF STOCK*

Spiced Apple


Semi-sweet, good over crushed ice or simmered in a crock pot with a cinnamon stick. Cinnamon and clove; like APPLE PIE IN A BOTTLE!!

12 Springs Peach


A sparkling sweet peach dessert wine that is its own celebration or to pair with your favorite dessert. Chill well! 




An all fruit blackberry wine, full of rich summertime flavor. 


Cranberry Crinkle


A Semi-Sweet Cranberry Wine! Great for the Holiday Season! 


Old Doc Klays Hard Cider

Hard Apple Cider **(SEASONAL)**

Hard Apple Cider