Our Amish Products

The rustic décor of the Big Barn Country Store & Deli can be enjoyed from Route 51, just south of historic Perryopolis, Pennsylvania. Inside the store, enjoy the atmosphere and browse through a selection of delicious Amish foods, home baked pies, a deli, a wide array of nostalgic candy, wine store and much more! 

Top 10 Amish Products at Big Barn Country Store


#1 Amish Wedding Pickled Baby Beets

Amish Wedding pickled baby beets have always been a favorite. They have that homemade taste that everyone loves.


#2 Ham off The Bone

Troyer Cheese & Meat Company supply Big Barn with a majority of our Deli meats and Cheeses. Their Ham off the bone lunch meat is a local favorite!


#3 Amish Smoked Kielbasa

Our Amish Hickory Smoked Kielbasa pairs well with any occasion! 

Amish spices

#4 Amish Spices

Big Barn carries a wide variety of Amish made spices and dry rubs. 

Amish made beef jerky

#5 Beef Jerky & Beef Sticks

11 Flavors of delicious hand-cut & seasoned beef jerky provided by Troyer Cheese & Meat Company. 

Fresh rbst free Amish butter

#6 Amish Rolled Butter

Amish Country Roll Butter gets its rich creamy taste using the combination of an old family recipe.  Use it to enhance the taste of your morning bagel, or stack of hot steaming pancakes.  Keep it on the table to use as an all-purpose butter throughout the day to add exceptional taste to any meal. 

Smoked slab bacon

#7 Smoked Slab Bacon

Our Hickory Smoked Slab bacon is cut to order daily! It is a perfect addition to any breakfast.

Glass jar jams jelly and preserves

#8 Jams, Jellies, & Preserves

Amish Wedding provides Big Barn Country Store with over 30+ flavors of Jams, Jellies, and Preserves. This does include SUGAR FREE options!

Fresh local honey raw honey

#9 Local Honey

Big Barn provides a variety of local and fresh honey. 


#10 Fresh Local Meats

B & P Meats of Hunker, PA provides Big Barn Country Store with fresh ground beef, chicken, pork chops, steaks, pork roasts, and more! (Subject to change)